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This helps promote cell growth, stave off infection and generally nourish and firm up the skin (same principle, in fact, as The Vampire Face Lift).

After the first five threads are inserted on one side - the idea is to create a kind of scaffolding or matrix upon which the skin can lie - Teresa now has wiry grey 'whiskers' (the threads) sticking out of her face, which Dr Loong pulls and then twists rather than knots, tucking them neatly under the skin.

'Though not new by any stretch - barbed 24-carat gold threads were being used to lift faces as long as two decades ago in South East Asia - it has suddenly become the non-surgical procedure every woman of a certain age wants.

Certainly among my posse of fiftysomething girlfriends, we can talk of little else.

'It depends who does it, but the treatment has been known to damage nerves.

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Alongside the anaesthetic lidocaine and the adrenaline, is some of Teresa's blood plasma, which Dr Loong had taken from her arm and isolated from the blood's other components by putting it in a centrifuge.If your face was a size 6 and reduces to a size 4, and the skin stays the same, unless you replace that volume, the skin is going to sag.But like me and most of my peers, she is not completely averse to a bit of judicious intervention, and being in the business knows, if you are going to opt for any sort of procedure, it is always better to start earlier, gulp, rather than later.As a professional, she wanted to look at a treatment option which was non-surgical, natural and gave longer-term results.The customised Threads Of Life procedure offered by Dr Loong costs £2,950 and, uniquely, involves using plasma from the patients's own blood (minimising infection and boosting skin cell migration). She takes care of her skin, is pretty healthy, a rare smoker, an infrequent drinker and has had good experience with Botox and filler - an advantage, apparently, because these treatments cumulatively improve the density and quality of tissues, making it easier for the threads to be effectively positioned.

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