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Naomi Campbell and Catherine Deneuve are rumoured to have had it done. And if done well it can last up to two years (a traditional surgical face lift apparently lasts for about five years and requires a minimum of six weeks' recovery time).Only last month her website, Goop, ran a story about threads made of sugar - yes sugar!- with the headline 'Threading: The Future of Face Lifts?As a 55-year-old, I'm less of an ideal patient than a 39-year-old.I also wonder if perhaps I might have left it too late.

Now normally I'm the guinea pig when it comes to such things - I happily wrote about my breast implants, for example.As a professional, she wanted to look at a treatment option which was non-surgical, natural and gave longer-term results.The customised Threads Of Life procedure offered by Dr Loong costs £2,950 and, uniquely, involves using plasma from the patients's own blood (minimising infection and boosting skin cell migration). She takes care of her skin, is pretty healthy, a rare smoker, an infrequent drinker and has had good experience with Botox and filler - an advantage, apparently, because these treatments cumulatively improve the density and quality of tissues, making it easier for the threads to be effectively positioned.Not mentioning names, but all those celebrity beauties you see on the red carpet, who look as irritatingly daisy fresh as they did in the last century, look that way because they started having the botox and/or filler in their 30s, if not before.Botox, filler and fractional needle therapy have helped smooth out the area, and to a degree define the jawline, but only with limited success.

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